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yiannis koulias @ CYTA

Here you will learn a little bit about me: primarily about my life at the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, also known as CYTA, but also about my interests and hobbies, my origins, my work and the people that make up our team at work, and more... I have even included my resume, a photo album, and other resources.

This site is primarily my personal web-site that captures bits and pieces from my memories...

At the same time it is a kind of an unofficial web-site for the Department of "Network Planning, Operations & Promotion" of the International Commercial Services, at CYTA. It is also a collection of favourite links to the International Telecommunications Business.


There is also a companion photo album web site... Click to see all photos!

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Welcome to my personal web site!

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in Venice

I hope to update this page often with new photos.

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celebrating easter with the National Guard

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